EP 3: 8 SECRET WAYS poor people Earn FREE Credits on IMVU (as told in ridiculous fashion)

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This IMVU video was ridiculous and half the reasons I listed are the most horrible reasons ever. Was it funny, tho? Cringe.

Method 1 – Do offers like a normie
Method 2 – Scam, steal, and commit fraud
Method 3 – Beg like you’re desperate for virtual items
Method 4 – Do commissions for credits
Method 5 – Do the daily spin and whatnot
Method 6 – Create and sell badges
Method 7 – Create products and sell them
Method 8 – Use a sketchy website or software

The video was great, but not too great. It was just decent. Oh my gosh; the videos from here on are amazing and I’m quite proud of the work. Keep watching!

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IMVU Online Hack <- Open

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IMVU Online Hack <- Open

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IMVU Online Hack <- Open


IMVU Online Hack <- Open

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